Thanks super Steelers helpers!!!!.......if you can help out in the future join "volunteers" access group


A huge thank you to all the helpers that volunteered their valuable time at the uniform afternoon/night tonight. The club runs predominately with volunteers so every bit helps. You will all look great in your Steelers gear this Saturday thanks to the efforts of the following people…

Ingrid Ross
Brad Peake
Emma Ficinus
Talia Peake
Kayley Peake
Jill Duffy
Amy Duffy
Sue Smith
Carla Della Gatta
Narelle Haas
Julie Innes
Lucy Guardiani

If you think you could help out this amazing club in any little way in the future…like at another uniform night? 3 on 3 comp? or handing out Pizza at a presentation night?….

Why don’t you join the “volunteers” access group in Team app (just like you do for your Team eg GU12PK3, “Team Managers” etc clicking on the icon that looks like the settings cog in the right hand corner once you are in Team App and selecting membership – access group and we might be in touch soon!

Remember many hands make light work

If you ever have trouble joining access groups always try doing it first on a computer or android devices…apple devices can sometimes be a bit temperamental.

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