Volunteers Needed


Message from President:

We need your help.

It takes massive resources to get each team on the court each week and to get each season concluded, and the next one started.

With the Winter Season fast approaching, we are putting out a call to ask for increased helpers. Over the past five years in this role I have seen a massive drop off in parents volunteering. In most cases, it is the same people season after season. Its also the same faces that help across all of the local community: basketball club, the schools, the footy and cricket clubs. We need to build our volunteer network through our awesome parents we have in the club. Many hands make light work.

Roles that need help:

1. Coaches- each season we need between 60-80 coaches. Can we please ask that you consider coaching. We have built some amazing support systems for new and existing coaches over the past season. So there is no excuse- even if you have never coached a team before. We have mentors to help. The rewards of coaching far out way the effort.

2. Uniform helpers- we need a team of 4-5 people to help out with uniform night which will be the 16th April 4-7pm. We would also ask if someone could also help with looking after the online orders and uniform reordering. This role may average 1 hr per week. We are happy to discuss this role with those interested

3. Presentation Day- this year we are looking at again putting on rides and food vans. We need helpers. To help sell tickets for the rides, and pack up and clean up. Every year it is always left up to the volunteers on the committee, many hands make light work.

4. Selectors- We always need help with the team selection and allocation of players, especially in the boys’ program. The more helpers with the grading and selections, the more help we can have the better the system can be . We have updated our systems of selection and fine-tuned any bumps of the past. We help train selectors in what to look for and take away the guess work. If you have in the past been a selected or never tried it before – please give it a go.

5. Team manager

So why help:
1. Helping out is rewarding, and if you have kids at the club, they love you being involved.

if that’s not enough….

2. It provides the best environment for our kids
3. It helps build a better club by providing coaches for teams and improving the selection of teams.
4.. Coaches, uniform helpers, selectors and committee will be reimbursed the registration fee of one of their players as a little sign of our appreciation of the help they provide.
5. We also hope that more volunteers will give the club more scope, more ideas and more think tank opportunities to make sure all our players love the game.

if you are interested please message or email us (president@steelersbc.com or admin@steelersbc.com) and we will provide you more more information about the roles.

Thanks and we look forward to extra help for the upcoming season

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