Dear Club Contacts and Presidents

Some of you will have already seen the information from Basketball Victoria about the complex and changing situation relating to COVID-19 Coronavirus.

At this stage, the EDJBA will act consistently with this advice and competition will take place as per normal for the upcoming two rounds of finals.

However we also cannot deny that as our competition is much more geographically restricted compared with VJBL and Big-V, there is an increased likelihood that impacts within our community will be more pronounced.

Given this we ask for the support of all clubs by notifying the EDJBA of any members of your community who are directly impacted by Coronavirus – that is, are known to be a confirmed case, or under self isolation due to a suspected infection or likely human to human transmission. We would only require the role (player, parent, coach, referee) and age group that they are a member of to assist us in our risk management and implementation of any further steps to minimise the impact of the virus on our community. This is an ongoing notification process.

In addition to our proactive management above, we have taken the decision that teams will not be required to shake hands at the beginning or end of the game with their opposition or the officials, but instead respectfully acknowledge and thank them without physical contact. Whilst this may be seen as an overly cautious position, we believe this is a logical step given the current focus on hand hygiene within the broader community.

Clubs are encouraged to have supplies of hand sanitizer and wipes on hand at their venues, and for these to be used as needed, particularly on game balls, laptops and other common surfaces.

Should there be further steps required, these will be communicated to you.

Thank you for your support.

Many thanks EDJBA

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