Past Medals and Trophies (Check if your name is here!!) - Grab yours, Grab a friends, Grab a schoolmates!


Over 100 past medals and trophies still to be collected. Please grab them from PK this Saturday (10am – 4:30pm) or Grand Final day.

I’m currently in the process of unwrapping and checking the next batch of trophies for this season. Help out by taking your past trophy…

List Alphabetical by surname
Lawson Appleby
Jackson Archer
Jordan Abicair
Acelin Adama
Sean Bailey
Mathew Baker
Aston Baker
Thomas Beronic
Indy Brown
Calais Bolton
Noah Begley
James Borrack
Joshua Cahill
Riley Currie
James Clarke
Williem Cooney
Alfie Carter
Jackson Crawford-Boyce
Lachlan de Waard
Fletcher Deane
Lauren DeWinter
Luca Di Nucci
Amy Dowler
Edward Fischer
Jay Francavilla
Harry Flynn
Nate Farrell
Lucas Field
Oliver Gordon
Lachlan Hirst
Darius Hooi x2
Flynn Hutchinson x2
Thomas Hyland
Alexandra Hannemann
Taylar Inifer
Benjamin Jackson
Tyler Jackson
Charlie Kouteris
Jana Kruger
Alexander Kyritsis x2
Reefe Kovacic x2
Denzel Kovacic
Kai Knight
Lucas Kemp
Hugh Lauder
Chloe Lay
James Leach
Teiva Levy
Alex Magnano
Oisin Maguire
Mia McAuliffe
Emma Murphy
Noah Martin
Bailey Miles
Harry Neave
Leyton Nicholls
Jayde Peters
Max Phillipsen
Blair Piotrowski
Freya Quon
Flynn Quon
Lachlan Ralph
William Ramage
Thomas Rees
Zach Reilly
Ben Richardson x2
Lachlan Richardson
Zac Ryan
Samya Samiei x2
Zoe Servinis
zac Smith
Isaac Stamation
Isaac Scott
Justin Scott
Rhys Simmonds x2
Ella Simmonds x2
Natalie Squillace x2
Kyle Tait
Isla Thornton
Tony Tragas
Tiahna Trembath
Jasper Thornton
Georgia Taylor
Ryan Taylor
Flynn Wade
Brock Waldron
Fletcher Webb
Shea Whyte x2
Zakery Wilmore
Tahlia Woolard
Brad Williamson
Rachel Williams

PK Canteen Staffed from 10am to 430pm this Saturday.


Park orchards primary school

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