Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The selectors and age group co-ordinators invest a major commitment into producing the teams for the following season. Withdrawals after the selection process has begun will not only impact on the player being withdrawn, but can have a flow on effect on the entire age group.


The policy for withdrawals at different stages of the season are:

Withdrawal prior to the cut-off date for registration – Registrations withdrawn prior to the cut-off date have minimal impact to team selection and a full-refund will be provided;

Withdrawal after registration cut-off date – Registration withdrawals at this stage can impact across many teams and creates additional work for co-ordinators and is very disruptive to coaches and place the team at risk of Walkover fines. As a consequence, no refunds are payable after the cut off date fo registrations.

Medical Withdrawal – If the withdrawal is due to extenuating circumstances that is medically related it must be substantiated by a doctor's certificate, a pro-rata refund may apply and each case will be assessed on its merit.

Applications for a refund are to be made to